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Character Development and How it Helped Orange -- Featured

Orange: An Excellent Production

The anime Orange was probably on my “to watch” list for 5 months before I actually got around to starting it. But after watching the entirety of it in one sitting, I can wholeheartedly...
Attack on Titan Season 2 Finale Featured

Attack on Titan Season 2 Finale Review

I, like many others, was genuinely shocked when I heard that Attack on Titan Season 2 (Shingeki No Kyojin) was only getting 12 episodes. With its brilliant yet terrifying story-line, its gruesome skirmishes, and...

Was Blue Exorcist Season 2 Worth the Six-Year Wait

Blue Exorcist, one of the most popular anime of all time, just finished up it's second season. With the first season airing in April 2011, and the sequel this January, it has been almost...