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Mei Hanakawa Hiatus

Mei Hanakawa Hiatus from 22/7 Announced Due to Poor Health

On Tuesday, Mei Hanakawa of the mixed media group 22/7 announced a hiatus from the group due to health concerns. In the past she has also taken breaks from her work for health-related reasons, so to some...
crunchyroll loves mob psycho 100

Crunchyroll Loves Releases New Mob Psycho 100 Collection

Crunchyroll Loves has just launched an exclusive Mob Psycho 100 collection of hoodies and more. The collection includes two hoodies, one fanny pack, one Dimple pix-brix set as well as an acrylic Dimple keychain. The...
love live

Love Live! µ’s Returning with a New Music Video

Yesterday, Love Live! staff announced that the original Love Live! µ's idol group is coming back with a brand new single and anime music video after three years. The news comes from a live stream...

My Experience at Otakuthon 2019

  Over the weekend I was lucky enough to attend Otakuthon 2019 as a media representative for the Jotaku Network. Otakuthon is the second biggest anime convention in Canada. The event was overall really enjoyable....
billie eilish

Billie Eilish & Siberia Hills Steal Anime Fanart, Now Facing Controversy

On the 7th of August, popular music artist, Billie Eilish, posted a tweet announcing a brand new merch collaboration with Siberia Hills, a clothing company. But it turns out the artwork on some of...